Type: Hill Fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 4000

Grade: Medium

Base Village: Dare & Bilwadi

District: Nasik

Nearest Railway Station: Nasik Road

How to reach:

From Nashik to Vani – From Vani to Vani Nanduri Road – 1 km before Vani Nanduri road left to the foothold of the Fort, climb the valley to reach Dare Village. The Bellwadi Route is a longer one One has to reach to pimpripada first from Vani via pimpriachala route. From Pimpripada go to the temple, the way to the right of it will take you to the Bellwadi village within half an hour and left side route will take you to the Achala Fort. From Bellwadi you can reach Ahivant fort in two hours.

Time to reach from base village: From Dare village it will take almost 2 and a half hour, and from Bellwadi it takes 2 hours to reach the fort.

What to see:

There is a cave in the north-east direction of the fort, but it is not suitable for a stay. Whereas a cave in the southern direction is suitable for a stay. Almost 10 min. away from this cave, is a water tank. If you come from Dare village, you will find devastated structures of two big entrances. In the nearby area you will find remnants of many old palaces, You will also find Shivling at many places. While coming on the fort from this side one can find many caves You can find two to three lakes while roaming on the fort. There is a temple with a statue which resembles Saptshrungi.

Accommodation Facility: Not available

Food Facility: Not available

Drinking Water Facility: Available till february

Best Season to Visit: Sept to April