Type: Hill Fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 3969

Grade: Medium

Base Village: Bilwadi & Pimpri (Dagad-Pimpri)

District: Nasik

Nearest Railway Station: Nasik Road

How to reach:

Achala is situated near village Bilwadi, which is 30 km from Vani which is a small town near Nashik. Bilwadi is to the east side of the ridge. There is a small temple located here, from where we can walk on the ridge towards right and reach the top of the fort. The trail curves to the right of the crest and leads to rock cut steps. On Vani-Saputara road, 15 kms from Vani, lies the village of Pimpri Achala. Walk 4 km from this village towards Achala fort. Climb on the ridge and reach to the rock wall then traverse to north and reach the top of the fort. You will come across two medium grade rock patches. It is a two and a half hours to climb up from the base and three and a half hours from the starting point of Pimpri Achala village, to reach the top.

Time to reach from base village:

It takes an hour from both villages to reach the temple and about an hour and a half from the temple to the top.

What to see:

The top of the fort is fully covered in grass, with no tree cover available. Two water caves can be found, however only one contains water in it. No shielding wall or temple is present. In the village of Pimpri there are many herostones fully covered in Shendur(orange coloured holy substance), the largest one is almost seven feet high.

Accommodation Facility: Not available

Food Facility: Not available

Drinking Water Facility: Not available

Best Season to Visit: Sept to April


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