Type: Coastal Fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 0

Grade: Easy

Base Village: Thal

District: Raigad

Nearest Railway Station: Panvel

How to reach:

Thal town is located at about 8 km north of Alibaug, and the diversion to Thal is 4 km away from Alibaug on Alibaug Revas road. ST buses ply regularly between Alibaug and Thal. We can hire small boats from Thal beach, owned by local fishermen who take us to the fort. Khanderi is located bit far from the beach, and can be visited irrespective of high or low tide as it has a jetty. Since Underi has no jetty, one can visit it only during low tide.

Time to reach from base village: 2 hours from Alibaug

What to see:

As we step from the boat in the front of main entrance, we can notice how the fort has been in ruins due to lack of care-taking. If start the trail from left, we come across 3 ponds for harvesting rain water. One of them is big enough to have stairs to climb down. Ahead there are remnants of a palace with a Tulsi Vrindawan in front. We can see canons scattered along some bastions. As we reach the southern bastion, we can see a secret passage door through the bastion. There is another door in the western walls, which are in dilapidated state now. There are total 12 bastions on the fort, the four of them being strong and each place in one of the four directions. These 4 bastions have a circular platform in the center.

Accommodation Facility: Not available

Food Facility: Not available

Drinking Water Facility: Not Available

Best Season to Visit: Sept to April