Type: Hill Fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 1000

Grade: Medium

Base Village: Talagaon

District: Raigad

Nearest Railway Station: Indapur

How to reach:

  1. One has to reach Indapur, 128 kms from Mumbai on the Mumbai-Goa highway. Talagaon is 15 kms from Indapur and can be reached by regular buses or autorickshaws from Indapur. The only route to the fort is from Talagaon. While marching towards the fort we first come across a small flat ground and then comes the plateau of the fort. Moving further, one enters the main fort area where there is a vast spread plateau. One can also reach Indapur on the Konkan railway line by boarding the Diva-Madgaon train at Diva junction.

Time to reach from base village: 30 min

What to see:

It’s a small fort and so is its spread. The fort runs from south to north. The main entrance is called Hanuman darwaza. The fort is in good condition with its bastions and fortification wall still intact. On the right corner of the doorway there is a carved sculpture of Lord Hanuman and a water tank. On the summit there is a two storey bastion in good condition. A bit further from here there are three water tanks and a temple structure. On the top most part of the fort there are 7 water tanks and a storage house named “Laxmi Kothar’. Moving further towards north, there is a bastion on the tip of the fort. Many ruins of mansions and houses can be seen in the fort premises. Surrounding areas of Ghosalgad fort, Mandad creek, Kuda caves can be seen from the top.

Accommodation Facility: Not available

Food Facility: In Talagaon

Drinking Water Facility: Available

Best Season to Visit: All the year