Type: Hill Fort


Height (Approx in ft.): 3400


Grade: Easy


Base Village: Bhaje Village


District: Raigad


Nearest Railway Station: Malavli, Lonavla


How to reach:

1)From Malavali : We have to get down at Malavali station near to Lonavala. After crossing the Express-Highway & reaching Bhaje village we get straight route to Lohgad. After walking for 1.5 to 2 hours & turning to right from `Gaimukh Khind` we will reach to Lohgad. Turning to left we reach to Visapur. At the base of the fort we have a village called Lohgaon. We can reach to the top of fort by stairs. We will come across four doors while reaching the top. The first one is called ‘Ganesh Darwaaja’, second one is called ‘Narayan Darwaaja’, third one is called ‘Hanuman Darwaaja’ & fourth one is called ‘Maha Darwaaja’. Out of this Hanuman Darwaaja is the most ancient of all the doors. 2)From Lonavala : Jeeps are available from Lonavala, which take us to the backside of Lohgad. The road here is worst, and one has to walk for about 3 km. We can have a glimpse of Vinchu Kata from here, and extensive ramparts of the fort. The forts Tung and Tikona are seen very near from here.


Time to reach from base village: 2 hrs from Bhaaje Village


What to see: Vinchu Kata, Bhaje Caves


Accommodation Facility: Available


Food Facility: Available


Drinking Water Facility: Available


Best Season to Visit: All the year

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