Type: Coastal fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 275

Grade: Easy

Base Village: Korlai

District: Raigad

Nearest Railway Station: Roha

How to reach:

One has to board a bus to Revdanda. From here we get auto-rickshaw to the village of Korlai. It takes 20 minutes to reach to the base of the fort. There are 2 ways:

The entrance from the southern face or seaside is the way of stairs. A walk of 25 minutes leads us to the top, or the citadel of the fort.The entrance on northwestern side is to be reached by walking all around the northern periphery of the fort. This entrance faces the west side and leads to the citadel after passing seven doors.

Time to reach from base village: 30mins

What to see:

Let us start our trek from the first entrance. We come on the citadel that is about 100 m long and just 10m wide. The ramparts are in a good condition. There is an old church. From here we can have a glimpse of the blue waters, which gives a sense of the blue sky mixed with the seawater. The small boats sailing look amazing. Going westwards there are 2 bastions, the one on seaside is called San Diyago and the one on the creek side is called San Francisco. In all there are five bastions.As we descend down through the seven doorways, we reach the western front where the storehouse for ammunition is present. On the western and northern ends cannons were stationed, pointing towards the sea and the fort of Revdanda respectively. It has been discovered that there were 70 cannons on the fort in 1602.On the northern end is a machi, on which a cross was erected and is called “Santa Cruz”. It is 3 m high and cannons stood here guarding the northern end.

Accommodation Facility: Not Available

Food Facility: Not Available

Drinking Water Facility: Not Available

Best Season to Visit: All the year


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