Type: Coastal fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 0

Grade: Easy

Base Village: Thal

District: Raigad

Nearest Railway Station: Roha

How to reach:

Thal town is located at about 8 km north of Alibaug, and the diversion to Thal is 4 km away from Alibaug on Alibaug Revas road. ST buses ply regularly between Alibaug and Thal. We can hire small boats from Thal beach, owned by local fishermen who take us to the fort. Khanderi is located bit far from the beach, and can be visited irrespective of high or low tide as it has a jetty. Since Underi has no jetty, one can visit it only during low tide. There is a method to find the timings for low and high tides.

High tide timings can be taken from Hindu Panchang by multiplying the date by ¾. For example, if it is the 4th day of the month (Chaturthi), then (¾ x 4) gives 3. This indicates that the high tide will be at 3 am and 3 pm. Low tide will occur 6 hours after high tide, hence the low tide timings would be 9 am and 9 pm.

The fishermen might sometimes demand doubled costs, and we need to bargain with them. Also, most of the fishermen leave for fishing early morning, by 6 am. Hence we need to inquire locally about the timings.


Time to reach from base village:

What to see:

As we sail towards Khanderi from Thal, we can clearly see the walls and the Light-house on the fort. The island has two mounds, on north and south. The jetty on the fort is in the central part between these mounds. There is a canon buried near the tourist entrance. As we get on the fort, we can roam about by following a trail along the ramparts. Following are the distinct places on the fort:

  1. The Temple of Vetala (Spirits):

To the right side of the jetty is a wooden temple, where a huge stone is worshipped as Vetala or the spirit. The folklore tells that the stone grows in size every year. There is a festival each year during Holi when pilgrims gather here for worship.

  1. The ramparts and the canons with cart wheels:

There are around 16 bastions on the fort, and we can have a look as we walk on the walls of the fort. There are couple of bastions where we find the canons. These are provided with stairs at regular intervals to descend inside the fort. Since the fort was under the custody of Mumbai Port Trust since the British rule, a lighthouse was built here and a helipad is also installed. Below the helipad there is a small door in the walls which takes us outside on the beach, from where we can have a good look of the fort walls.

  1. Lighthouse:

The lighthouse was built in 1867 and is functional since then. It is about 25 m high, and a good place to have view of the fort completely and the surrounding area.

  1. The “Metallic” rock:

Once we start from the right side on the Jetty and complete our round, we again come to the front where we can see an amazing rock. When struck with another stone, it creates a noise like a metal vessel and is very unique thing.


Accommodation Facility: Available

Food Facility: Available

Drinking Water Facility: Available

Best Season to Visit: All the year