About us

Once in the winter of 2008, 5 crazy boys from different walks of life but with a common interest decided to go for a trek. They went off just to experience the adventure of camping, boasting in front of their friends that they have done something different.

They had a lot of fun as they started the trek. Their bodies were tested by the steep path & the height they were climbing up to. Finally they reached the top & settled down in a cave of Harishchandragad. They were tired & exhausted yet jubilant & mesmerized with their achievement.


As they were sitting in the cave around a campfire at the twilight watching the sunset, enjoying the cold breeze & the scenic beauty around, they met someone who was hidden within them for all these years.

This person made them realise that every other Creation of God around them was happy for no reason. They did not have any targets to achieve, deadlines to meet, time sheets to be completed, they were taken into a different world of content. No one spoke however everyone could hear. He was the trekker who was silent till that day, who enjoyed walking on the route which not everyone prefers, going through dense forests where he can get lost in the shadows, reaching heights where he can sleep with the clouds, greet the wild breeze with arms wide open.

The setting sun & their inner voice gave rise to a thought an expression, an aura worth sharing with many others in this world, who also have this person hidden within them, overshadowed & tied down by 8hr shifts month ends deadlines etc..

They realised that this person present within everyone of us needs a push from within to break the shackles.
The 5 crazy boys that had set off on a journey just for the sake of adventure fun & boasting themselves, came back with a message to be shared to the world.

Today those 5 crazy boys have helped a lot of others to meet this person within them.

This is how Hidden Trekkers was born, with a motto to help one and all , friends and families to break the shackles…. and Unleash The Trekker in You

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