Kala Killa

Type: Land Fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 0

Grade: Easy

Base Village: Sion

District: Mumbai

Nearest Railway Station: Sion

How to reach:

The fort is on Sion west side. If we walk for around 10 minutes on the Sion-Bandra link road, on the right side is the Kala killa lane. The fort is at the end of this lane.

Time to reach from base village: 10 mins

What to see:

This fort is currently a victim of encroachment, as other forts in Mumbai are. In the remnants we can see the ramparts on the front side and a stone inscription indicating that the fort was built in 1737. There is no way to the fort; one has to climb the 8 feet tall wall to reach inside. There we can see the entrance, stairs and “Fanji”. The fort interiors are in a bad plight and garbage resides within.

Accommodation Facility: Not Available

Food Facility: Not Available

Drinking Water Facility: Not Available

Best Season to Visit: All the year


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