Type: Hill Fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 3754

Grade: Hard

Base Village: Ghatghar

District: Pune

Nearest Railway Station: Karjat

How to reach:

  1. a) Way from Naneghat (Main entrance) : This way has approach through the forests and a guide is much helpful. After we climb through dense forests and walk for about 2 hrs, we reach a diversion. On our right is the pinnacle and to the left is the main entrance. If we proceed rightwards, we come to the base of the pinnacle. Way further from here is difficult and there are beehives. We turn to the left from the diversion and reach the steps. These are broken due to the devastation by the British. The entrance being ruined, a small gap exists through which we reach the top of the fort. Here the bastions and ramparts are very intact in spite of such devastation. We reach the western side of the fort. Way from Ghatghar: : From Ghatghar village, one way goes to Naneghat and the other goes to the fort. Its much better till one reaches the steps. Some of the steps have been destroyed and it has become slippery. From here we can reach the eastern part of the fort in 2 hours.

Time to reach from base village: 3 hrs

What to see:

Kothi, Water Cisterns, Vandarlingi, Northern Bastion, Idol of Goddes Jivai

Accommodation Facility: One can stay on the fort in the Kothi, but mice may pose a problem. Trekkers also stay in the cave of Naneghat or the base village.

Food Facility: Not available

Drinking Water Facility: The two cisterns on the western side of the hump are more reliable.

Best Season to Visit: All the year