Type: Hill Fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 4000

Grade: Medium

Base Village: Khireshwar, Bailpada

District: Ahmednagar

Nearest Railway Station: Kalyan

How to reach:

1) From Thane District : One has to board the bus for Nagar from Kalyan & alight at ‘Khubi Phata’. From there we reach the village of Khireshwar by bus or private vehicle. This village is at 4km from the foothills of the fort. Way from Khireshwar: The way beside the caves, where water tanks are seen, proceeds further to Junnar Darwaaja (Entrance From Junnar). From here, the route goes straight to Tolar Khind. Walking a few minutes from Tolar Khind, we come across a rock-patch on which railings are fixed. After ascending the railings, we come to the plateau region on which less dense forests are seen. From here, we have to cross 7 hills & after a walk of 2-3 hours, we reach the temple of Harishchandreshwar, the temple of Lord Shiva. Note: On this way, many arrows help in indicating the way. Way from Belpada: The third way is specially meant for hikers, which is via Sadhleghat. One should board the bus for Malshej Ghat & go to the village of Belpada. From here, the route goes through Sadhleghat. Here one has to climb a straight rock patch on which grips are provided. The temple is situated at a height of about 1km from Belpada. The total distance is about 19km. 2) From Ahmednagar District : One has to board the bus for Nasik or Mumbai & alight at Ghoti village. From Ghoti, we have to board another bus to Sangamner via Malegaon & alight at Rajur village. From here, 2 ways diverge to the fort. 1) From Rajur, one has to board the bus or a private vehicle to the village of Pachanai. From here, the way is straight to the topmost point. 2) Recently, the way from Rajur to Tolar Khind has been made available. From Tolar Khind (Tolar valley), the temple is about 2-3 hours by walking.

Time to reach from base village: 3.5 hrs from Khireshwar & 5 hrs from Bailpada

What to see:

Saptatirtha, Kedareshwar, Kokan Kada, Taramati Peak, Caves of Harishchandragad, Nageshwar temple near Khireshwar, Temple of Harishchandeshwar

Accommodation Facility: Available

Food Facility: Available from Khireshwar

Drinking Water Facility: Available

Best Season to Visit: All the year