Type: Hill Fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 820

Grade: Easy

Base Village: Fukeri

District: Sindhudurg

Nearest Railway Station: Sindhudurga Nagari

How to reach:

Banda is on the Mumbai-Goa highway, from here a road goes to Dodamarg. 7 kms from Banda on this road take the left diversion for Talkat village which is further 6 kms. In the village there are two roads alongside Penganga Bank of which the one to the left takes us to Jhombale village at 3 kms. Further again the road divides in two and the one towards the right goes to Fukeri village at 3 kms.

Time to reach from base village: 45 min from Fukeri Village

What to see:

An unpaved road from Fukeri villages leads us to the mountain to the North. Short distance from here a walking trail takes us to the plateau circumnavigating the mountain, keeping the fort to our left. On the upper side to the left we can see the entrance gate of the fort which is in ruins. The ascend till here is quite exhausting. A saffron flag and ruins of fortification wall can be seen. Moving alongside this we enter the fort through a South facing gate. The plateau of the fort is quite big and the citadel could have been built in the middle of the plateau. Walking across the right edge of the plateau we come across ruins of the fort wall and a built lake towards the north. Moving east from the lake leads us to a devastated entrance which might be the main doorway to the fort considering its make. Further from here we come to the South facing doorway which completes the fort trail. Apart from this there are two cannons buried upside down in Fukeri village on which the make year of 1783 is inscribed.

Accommodation Facility: One can stay at the Grampanchayat office, school and temple in the village.

Food Facility: There is only one hotel in the village. If pre-ordered, food can be made available

Drinking Water Facility: Available in Village

Best Season to Visit: All the year