Type: Hill Fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 1200

Grade: Medium

Base Village: Chambharkhed

District: Raigad

Nearest Railway Station: Veer

How to reach:

Firstly you have to reach to Mahad. Then you have to cross the Mahad-Poladpur Highway and reach the base village Chambharkhed. It will merely take 20 mins from Mahad S.T. depot. From the Khind or the valley you will reach the top of the fort within an hour.

Time to reach from base village: 45 mins

What to see:

This fort has a relatively smaller plateau. We can see some old structures along with some water tanks. From the structures of the tanks it can be predicted that this fort is relatively old. You can see the entire fort hardly in half an hour.

Accommodation Facility: Not available

Food Facility: Not available

Drinking Water Facility: Not available

Best Season to Visit: July to Feb

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