Chakan Fort

Type: Land Fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 0

Grade: Easy

Base Village: Chakan

District: Pune

Nearest Railway Station: Talegaon

How to reach:

From Mumbai: Mumbai – Talegaon – Chakan (distance 138 kms)

From Pune: Pune – Chakan (distance 32 kms)

Time to reach from base village: 10 mins

What to see:

The fort at this moment of time is virtually non-existent. The stones from the fortification and palace buildings were used to construct homes by the people. The area of the fort is a barren land and any sign of remnants can hardly be seen.

Chakreshwar temple dedicated to ‘Lord Shiva’ can be seen nearby. Ancient stone carvings of ‘Varah Avatar’ (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) can be seen here. The temple site is also well known for its significance in the beginnings of the epic Ramayana.

Accommodation Facility: Available

Food Facility: Available

Drinking Water Facility: Available

Best Season to Visit: All the year