Type: Hill Fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 800

Grade: Easy

Base Village: Dhangarwadi ( Ambadiwadi )

District: Ratnagiri

Nearest Railway Station: Chiplun

How to reach:

The diversion to Pedhambe is located at 10 km from Chiplun on Chiplun-Karad road. Pedhambe Dhangarwadi (Ambadiwadi) is located at the base of the fort. From here, we can reach the top of the fort in 10 minutes. There are 2 routes to Dhangarwadi

From Khadpoli :

We have to cross a bridge after diversion to reach Pedhambe. After the bridge, to the left side is Khadpoli village. The path to the right of the Sukai Devi temple leads to Dhangarwadi, which is few kms away from here.

From Ugvatwadi :

We have to reach Ugvatwadi in Pedhambe village, from where we have to ascend to Dhangarwadi, which takes around 2 hours to reach.

Time to reach from base village: 1 hr

What to see:

There are no remnants on the fort now. We can find the idol of Goddess Bhairi on the mountain top. A Veergal (stone sculptures carved out in the memory of warriors) is found on the western side on a hillock. Local people call it “Vetal”. There is a small cave beyond this, which is closed.

On the northern part of the fort we can find 3 square shaped ditches, and some plinths of old houses. The further part becomes narrower.

Accommodation Facility: One can stay in Sukai temple in Khadpoli or Ugvatwadi temple.

Food Facility: Not available

Drinking Water Facility: Not available

Best Season to Visit: All the year