Anjaneri Fort

Type: Hill Fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 4200

Grade: Easy

Base Village: Anjaneri

District: Nasik

Nearest Railway Station: Nasik Road

How to reach:

The primary way to reach the Anjaneri fort is from Anjaneri village. One should get down at Anjaneri Phata, which is 20 km away from Nasik on the Nasik-Tryambakeshwar road. Anjaneri village is at a walking distance of 10 to 15 minutes from Anjaneri Phata. Two pinnacles called ‘Navara’ and ‘Navari’ can be seen from Anjaneri village. The way to fort goes through Anjaneri village itself. Next to that there are some steps, through which we reach the plateau of Anjaneri. It takes almost one and the half hour to reach this plateau from Anjaneri village.

Time to reach from base village: Two hours from Anjaneri village.

What to see:

On the way from Anjaneri village to the fort some carvings can be seen in the caves near the steps. These caves have been carved out people from Jain religion. We reach the temple of ‘Anjani Mata’ within 10 minutes from the plateau. The temple is quite big. It is a proper place to accommodate on the fort. At a certain distance from this temple two different ways can be seen. The way to left hand side takes us directly to ‘Seeta cave’ within 10 minutes. This cave is made up of two rooms. 10 to 12 people can stay here comfortably. There are many carvings inside the cave. Another way takes us directly to citadel, where one more temple of ‘Anjani Mata’ can be seen. It takes 20 minutes to reach this temple. This temple is also quite big. The perimeter of the fort is very large.

Accommodation Facility: 1. 10 to 12 persons can stay in ‘Anjani Mata Temple’ on the plateau. 2. 10 to 12 persons can stay in ‘Seeta cave’.

Food Facility: Not available

Drinking Water Facility: Drinking water is available from a tank near the temple throughout the year.

Best Season to Visit: All the year

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