Amalner Fort

Type: Land Fort

Height (Approx in ft.): 0

Grade: Easy

Base Village: Amalner

District: Jalgaon

Nearest Railway Station: Amalner

How to reach:

Amalner being an important town in Jalgaon is connected both by road and rail to various parts of the country.

Time to reach from base village:

What to see:

Amalner was once a fortified town. Due to the rapid development of the town, the fort of Amalner is now situated inside the town itself. The 20 ft high Buland Darwaza and the bastion next to it can be seen inside the town. The road passing through this entrance leads up to the Samadhi of Sant Sakharam on the banks of the river. If one goes down the river bed, the walls of the fort and the houses erected on the top of the walls comes into view. You can also see the bastions on the right hand side from the riverbed. When returning back to the entrance of the fort, one comes across the two storied house of the Deshmukh filled with beautiful paintings.

Accommodation Facility: In Amalner

Food Facility: In Amalner

Drinking Water Facility: In Amalner

Best Season to Visit: All the year