Sandhan Valley – Something for everyone…  19

Trekking for me is just another opportunity to be with my friends and make new frnds in due course. This recent trek came suddenly and everything fell into place to make it possible. But all credit goes to just one person,Tushar Phope 😊. His constant persuasion and nagging was the reason I could come for this trek and gave my final call a day before the trek.
We started late night on Friday, and reached the base camp by 6am. On best thing happened was that I met my college frnd Mohammed Husain Bharmal after a long time. After quick rest we had our breakfast and we were off for the adventure of life time. The first water patch where I was adamant of not letting my shoes get wet went well as I traversed thru the rocks and crossed on to other side. Pat on my back 😋 Again supported by Tushar. Then came turn of my frnd Mohammad and his experience of scuba diving at the same spot 😋
After there the crowd witnessed three Vasudev’s (Lord Krishna’s father who carried baby lord Krishna on his head and crossed the river). As Me, Tushar and Vaibhav held our bags on our head and crossed the second water patch with water upto our chest level. And then the beauty of human nature of helping, as other groups entered water and formed a chain to pass the other bags from one end to another.
Then the most glorious moment of the day, as we got the first glimpse of the valley and mark my words it was beautiful. Passing thru the valley clicking photos and selfies, we reached the first rappelling point. The sheer drop of 70 ft. was terrifying but confidence booster were our leaders Vaibhav Gurav and Tushar who made it look easy and gave others the courage to do it easily. It was my first experience in rappelling and it was awesome. Thanks team Hidden trekkers for the same.
After that point we all were confident and it could be seen in everyone’s eyes. Enjoying the valley view and another two points of climb down with just a rope to assist we finally reached our camp site. No luxury rooms, no five star hotels, but a simple tent and five billion stars to gaze. I dnt remember when was the last time I looked up at sky, but its was at that moment I just laid down and admired the beauty of nature. Exhausted with approx 10 hours of walking, we ended our day.
Next day we woke up early and assisted the villagers to make tea and our favorite breakfast “Maggi”. After that we headed for another village and reached the point in 2 hrs. Lunch served by them was delicious. Sweet dish was Pepsi cola which I had after long time. Made me go back the memory lane and remind me of my childhood. After lunch we finally bid adieu to the valley and the villagers and returned back to Mumbai.
In all a great experience, would recommend everyone to do this trek at least once in life time and most preferably with hidden trekkers. Their expertise and their candid nature makes all the difficulties run away and boost one with confidence. Enjoyed with vaibhav, Hrudaya Wadkar and Tushar, met old friends like Mohammed, made new frnds like Sameer, vaidehi, trupti, Manali, Hussain and dawood. Love u guys and cya soon for our next trek with hidden trekkers.


-Vijay J Pednekar

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