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Trek to Kohoj Fort- My First  16

I had been to this place with HT team. First ever trekking experience of my life. N lemme tell u guys, it was jus mind blowing !!!… Though, being a beginner, it was quite tiring for me by the end of the day, but these guys were super awesome. They were so kind n helpful, so so encouraging, that i never felt like giving up.
I loved the etiquettes/rules u all follow…great coordination …srsly hats off !!! And, the feeling of being at the peak point jus cant be described in words… Thanx a ton Rohit, Vaibhav, Hrudaya, Jesal, Manjiri and Aditya for this wonderful experience… Really looking forward for the next event from your end..


-Sayali Tharval

To Protect the Dhak Bahiri Caves  29

Last time when we visited Dhak Bahri Caves in June-15, the foul condition of the caves was an eye opener for us, which was an inspiration for this trip to be planned. We couldn’t see the distressful state in which the cave & the property inside is were in. Hence we pledged to comeback again & make an attempt to bring this eternal beauty of nature carved out by almighty himself, to its original condition.

We planned this trip purposely in Oct-15 as to avoid rains, but for oursurprise God had set some other plans for us…

02nd Oct 2015

First Day of the trip started up early in the morning and took the first train to Karjat. Ascend was planned from Sandshi but not by encircling ‘Kalakrai”, instead we opted to cut through the forest and directly climb the rock phase. Oct. heat took its toll initially. But then for our surprise as we reached the base of the rock we were welcomed by heavy rains which made the ascend even more challenging. The weight of bagpack, heavy rains, water running downhill right into our face & the slippery rock you might have imagined now what was the condition.
Slipping & standing we inched forward & finally reached the cave.

03rd Oct 2015

The day had to start early, as there was lot of work to be done we first targeted the utensils & then the silt & dirt in the cave. The conditions of the utensils was more then pathetic. I cannot even explain how irresponsible & moronic people can behave. Phorotographs of the same will give you a clearer idea as to what we wanna say. Rains continued to accompany us in our stay. Creating different landscapes every minute. It was a complete contrast view inside & outside the cave.
After cleaning about 300 nos. approx utensils, we were exhausted by mid day. After a short break we started cleaning the silt & the dirt in the cave, which also took its toll wink emoticon
Finally having completed the work & satisfied with the result had a self made feast in the night & a good sound sleep.

04th Oct 2015
Last day of the trip. Had some finishing touch to be given to the cave, some litter here & there some left over, some wrappers etc. Cleaned that & then the descend..

Guys we request just one thing, we know that there are some morons in our society who cannot differentiate between picnic & trek, their own house & a site of national heritage. We want to address this message to that group of indiviual as mentioned above. Pls try and learn fast & peacefully how to respect the places of national heritage, maintain its glory & serenity.

For those who have realised.. Thank You.. and for those who are still having deaf ears & blind eyes towards this issue..

If we sound offensive by this msg, we intentionally take the honour of doing so.



-Vaibhav Gurav