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My Trek to Kalavantin Durg..  0

Trekking, for me, is all about being one with Mother nature, about feeling the wind, rediscovering myself, making new friends, and about enjoying freedom
So trek to Kalavantin was something that I couldn’t miss…

On reaching the base, one shout from our Guides….and all eyes looked up to catch the first glimpse of Kalavantin Durg – the beautiful sister fort of Prabalgad. They explained us the structure of the peak and told us about where we would break for lunch and some much needed rest.
All of us then were set to start the trek…
To reach the peak, was the ultimate goal for the day.

It started with a muddy path…then a rocky patch…finally, we reached a point on the mountain that had stone steps carved all the way to the top. Climbing these steps was more than a stamina test due to its unevenness and steep height..Soon enough, we noticed the stone steps coming to an end.
Now the last leg of the trek (and the most difficult one) was still pending. Rock climbing. The peak was nothing but giant rocks placed together, with no path to climb. There were a few cracks and dents on the stones that we thought we could use to climb up the peak. So while one of our guide trekkers climbed up to check how feasible it was, the rest of us looked on with bated breath. Once he reached the peak safe, slowly, one by one each one of us climbed up the rock with the help of our other guide trekkers, who took all the precautions to make us reach the peak safely.
Words cannot describe the feeling of elation on reaching the peak. The orange flag..the surrounding mountains..the blowing wind..all just too perfect to be true.
What followed was quick resurfacing of water bottles, cameras and a series of photographs! (Everybody wants to remember the wonderful time spent on the peak!)
While we sat there, enjoying the magnificent beauty from the peak, plenty of travel experiences were shared, jokes cracked, photos clicked and philosophy discussed. Then the ‘Shivstuti’ done on the peak was a moment of pride, and it took us back to the memories of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
Later, even before we realised, it was time for us to start descending.
Soon, the trekkers disintegrated into small groups and started on their journey to Nilesh Dhaba on the machi for lunch was organised there..On reaching the dhaba in no time did we finish the lunch and finally started to descend from the dhaba, Descents are always quicker than the climb. They’re a wonderful opportunity for introspection, and give us some good time to spend with ourselves. We were familiar with the mountain by now, so climbing down wasn’t as difficult.

Kalavantin was a unique was one more beautiful mountain that we were fortunate enough to visit and it was a day well spent in Mother Nature’s lap.
Trekking is not so much about reaching the peak as it is about enjoying and feeling happy about every moment spent in freedom.
At Kalavantin, we crossed all barriers, pushed ourselves to the limit, hugged the wind, saluted the mountains, touched the clouds, experienced heaven, felt Mother Nature’s loving care.

A big thank-you to the team Tushar Phope Vaibhav Gurav Bhavesh Malgundkar Rohit RJ Gdp and Vaibhav Sandu for an awesome trek to this heavenly place. It would have not been possible without your expertise, guidance, safety precautions and the efforts that you guys took to keep a huge bunch like ours safe and sound.

Thank you, Hidden Trekkers


-Pallavi Gurav

My Experience of Kalavantin Durg  0

Trekking for me is synonymous to friends, fun, adventure and thrill. With these things in mind went for my first trek with this amazing group HIDDEN TREKKERS to Kalavantin Durg. Knew many friends from the group previously but these people transformed into professional trekkers as the trek started.
Train journey from CST was full of songs and enjoyment. Didn’t realize when we reached Panvel. Then was the epic night out at the Panvel bus station. Fun continued…..
Caught the morning bus and reached the base camp. From there the trek began. Made some new friends along the way. In midst of talking and having fun reached machi. Breakfast was amazing and required it a lot after 2 hrs of walking.
As the breakfast finished the journey to reach the pinnacle started. Walking in line and observing the rules, started our journey to the top. Group was lead by Tushar Phope and Vaibhav Gurav in a very professional way. After an half an hour reached the base of durg.
The climb was exciting as it had steep stairs to reach the top and a deep valley to compliment the view. With Tushar and Vaibhav’s expertise finally made it to the top(which I thought was the top). Then I realised the last 20 ft. was rock climbing, my first experience. But the group never made me felt the same. Their encouragement made me climb the rock and reach the ultimate pinnacle. The view was awesome. Photographs and selfie’s started with no end. Then the ultimate Shivastuti made me proud of been born in the land of the Great Shivaji Maharaj. It was a proper Goosebumps moment for me.
Then started the descent, which was equally thrilling as I could see the entire deep valley in front of me. Slowly and steadily made to the bottom. After all this the lunch arrangement by the group was amazing. Food never tasted better. After speaking with few new friends and old ones, it was time to go back home.
My first trek of the season and surely not the last was to be put in one word, “AMAZING”.
Thank you hidden trekkers for giving me one of the most amazing moment of my life. Waiting for many more of these moments.
Thank you all 😊


-Vijay Pednekar